Final phase at Worthing Travel Lodge.

Failing Brickwork

The scaffold remains in situ at the West end of the building.
We understand this part of the building dates back to the 1800s and is in need of some serious attention.

When work began at the end of last year FMC had been instructed as a local building company to redecorate the exterior of the building and undertake any building work connected with the replacement of the windows.

When the plaster was removed from the internal areas beneath the bay windows it was evident that urgent structural work was required.

Daylight and traffic was clearly visible through the gaps in the brickwork beneath the bays (take a look at the photos; they will give you an indication of the problem!).  FMC acted as a matter of urgency by replacing the missing brickwork and installing structural scaffold to support the bays preventing any further movement.

Our structural engineer attended site and inspected the area. A plan was formulated which was to include the fabrication and installation of a steelwork frame; this steel frame will be pinned and bolted to the existing brickwork.

This course of action was necessary to avoid potential collapse or demolition of the west end of the building.

In basic term steel rods will be drilled through the masonry work and bolted to the newly installed steel frame to secure the bays. On completion of the construction work each room will be, dry lined, plastered and redecorated.

The rooms should be reinstated within the next ten weeks – On completion guests will have no idea of the hours and expertise that went into rescuing the West end of the building.

Failing Brickwork  Brickwork in need of repair

Last Updated: 2nd April 2015
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