External Maintenance (Gutter Clearance)

In addition to the larger building and renovation projects, FMC regularly carry out general property maintenance.
As homeowners we are all aware of the need to protect and maintain our┬áproperty – it is possibly the biggest investment we will ever make.

Regular Gutter clearance should be on the “must do” list. ┬áThe build up of moss, leaves, weeds and tile sand can cause the gutters to become blocked. The weight of this along with the water when it rains can cause the guttering to warp, split and become detached from the building. In some cases, water can cascade down walls of the building causing damp problems. When FMC are instructed to carry out gutter clearance our workmen will check for any imperfections i.e. loose brackets, cracks in the gutters and joints which could be a potential problem during winter months. In addition they would cast an eye over the roof checking for loose, damaged or slipped roof tiles.

FMC carry out regular gutter clearance and inspection at various properties including bungalows, flats, houses, commercial properties and listed buildings.

The photos below are from one of the listed buildings which we are pleased to be maintaining however, most properties are not this grand. Please feel free to contact us if you would like a quotation for your gutter clearance.

Last Updated: 19th August 2015
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