Commercial Unit changes shape

Commercial Unit Reshaped

Future management and construction are near the completion of the reorganisation of a commercial printing unit.
Our client needed to gain additional space within their existing unit for the arrival of a very large piece of printing equipment. In addition they required the same amount of storage space they were currently using.
Following consultation meetings with our client and a structural engineer ideas were thrashed about and the decision was reached that fitted the brief.
FMC would have steel beams fabricated and concreted in within the building. The large steel beams would be hidden behind insulated plasterboard walls thus creating a room to house the new machine. Fixed to the top of the beams would be a mezzanine floor. This area created above would be used for storage as our client had requested.

Printing work carried on as usual whilst FMC were working on site – Noise and dust levels were kept to an absolute minimum so as not to disrupt our clients working schedule.
Large holes were excavated and the vertical beams to be concreted into place.
Horizontal beams were lifted into place ready to take the mezzanine floor. The photos below will give you an indication of the work being carried out – we will post additional information and photos of the completed project shortly.

Last Updated: 11th November 2015
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