Bespoke Project by FMC – Outdoor Cat Enclosure

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FMC were approached to create/construct an enclosure in part of our client’s garden for their two cats. A straight forward request you may think – think again!!

Our client had specific ideas of how they wanted the enclosure to look.

Having recently acquired two three legged rescue cats our client wanted their cats to be given freedom within a safe enclosed environment. The enclosure needed to be designed to become part of the client’s home and garden but, it should not look like an enclosure! There needed to be sufficient space for our client to sit and play with the cats, and give the feeling they were in the garden and not in an enclosure.

FMC went to work and designed options for our client. Based on the information provided it was decided the best solution would be to construct a timber pagoda type frame and fix a high quality green coated metal mesh to the frame. Our client had requested that the construction needed to have mesh on the roof as well.

Our carpenters set to work constructing the wooden framework – Supporting timbers were cut and shaped to butt up to the existing building just beneath the guttering, this was like a large jigsaw puzzle as areas of the existing patio and decking needed to be lifted and refitted around the timbers. The supporting timbers were concreted deep into the ground in preparation for holding the roof beams. As soon as the concrete had set timber beams were fixed across the entire space to support the wire mesh roof. FMC sourced a high grade steel mesh, coated in dark green which would cover the entire enclosure. As it was a high standard the mesh needed to be cut into shape using an angle grinder prior to being fixed to the timber framework covering the entire enclosure.

A full size timber gate was constructed and covered with the wire mesh for access to the garden beyond the enclosure.

All the timber used for this project has been pre- treated for longevity and will require minimal maintenance.

On competition of the project our client expressed their pleasure with the finished project stating “We love the space you have created for us. Friends and family agree this doesn’t look or feel like an enclosure – the green mesh simply disappears. Our two special cats are free to play and explore in a safe environment. The small details your carpenters have added are a real bonus. Thank you!!”

Take a look at the photos sent in by our client:

Last Updated: 14th April 2015
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